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Our production

Our works are handmade top pieces based on designs of the 20's and 30's, which were collected in painstaking work and research over decades and harmonized and perfected in shape, dimensions and design.

Art Deco Lampenmanufaktur
Art Deco Lampenfertigung

The lamps consist of various brass elements and metal parts, which are conscientiously shaped by hand on traditional tools, some of which are over 100 years old. Subsequently, the various elements are joined together with liquefied silver solder, at a temperature between 500 and 650 degrees Celsius.

Art Deco Schneider Fertigung
Art Deco Wandlampen Fertigung

The connected fragments or bronze casts of the later lamp are now highly polished by hand and then galvanized (chrome/nickel/gold) or patinated (old gold/old silver effect) according to the customers wishes.

In the final step, the individual components are brought together and the resulting lamp body is fitted with glass elements.
Each lamp bears the individual signature of its creator from our manufactory. 

Custom made &
Contract Manufacturing

Cosy Club Derby Art Deco Wandlampe.jpg
Art Deco Deckenlampe Sonderanfertigung

Quality and high value are not necessarily indicators of a perfect interior design experience if dimensions and proportions do not fit the spatial conditions or individual wishes.

This represents a hurdle for us, which we are happy to overcome with you. We adapt each model to your personal and spatial requirements and conditions. Let us know your wishes and ideas, we will work out an individual solution with you and evaluate the possibilities.

You want to realize your own design or a small series?

We are happy to assist you with our expertise as an integral partner. Please send us a written request, we will be pleased to check the feasibility of your order.

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