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modèle Mazda Table

The Mazda lamp owes its name and origin to the Parisian lamp manufacturer "Mazda". In the 1920s, he laid the foundation with two iconic twin designs of a table lamp and a floor lamp.

The models stood out for their quiet practicality and elegant silhouettes, whose beauty was meant to resemble women's bodies.

Our model of Mazda lamp is a reverent tribute. Through painstaking research and conscientious selection of materials, we have breathed new life into this classic and once again given it  the opportunity to enrich the homes of modern times with ist timeless appearance.


  • Created by hand from in-house manufacture

  • Dimensions: Height: 80 cm

  • Lighting: 1x E27

  • This lamp is compatible with bulbs of energy classes A++, A+, A, B, C, D and E, as well as all LED bulbs with compatible socket.

  • The luminaire is supplied in nickel as standard; customization is by arrangement and is possible.

Care Instructions

This luminaire is made by hand with elaborate and careful work. In order for it to give you lasting pleasure, proper care is essential.
Use only mild cleaners in combination with a soft and lint-free cloth. Avoid strong pressure and scrubbing movements on the paintwork.
Should the shine of your product diminish due to strong humidity, you can remedy the situation with a mild chrome polish. The luminaire will thank you and reward you with lasting beauty.

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