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Huge Art Deco ceiling chandeliers in Golden Cage Hagen restaurant

modèle Monaco

Art Deco ceiling chandelier Monaco is the result of exceptional savoir-faire: a composite of aesthetics and functionality. The fixture was created to illuminate and...

modèle Havanna

Cigar-shaped, the Havana model runs through your ambience and captivates with its omnipresent and impressive appearance. This luminaire does not shy...

Huge art deco light fixture in art deco bar in hagen
Art Deco lamp in a restaurant

modèle Nimes modular

Our modular system "Nimes" is adaptable at will and can be individualized for each space. The luminaire consists of luminous bodies arranged one behind the other, which...

modèle Kugelbar

This bar cabinet combines refined craftsmanship with german, technical precision and innovative spirit. The combination of vegan ostrich leather, wood, piano...

Art Deco style corner ball bar
Art Deco Bar Trolley

modèle Barwagen

Whether you are a host and want to present your food in the most beautiful way or you are looking for a decorative side table, the bar cart "Champagne" combines...

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